Restoring a grave

If you are interested in getting the grave of your ancestors restored, please read this information sheet (PDF).

If you are just reassembling existing elements (as was the case of the graves shown in the three “before and after” pictures below), the process is simple, but please inform the people listed on the information sheet.

If, however, you are plan to have new pieces made or are making other changes, you will need a faculty from the Diocese: the above information sheet tells you how to apply for this.

Restored in 2014: Grave of Professor & Mrs Morfill

Morfill grave

This restoration of this grave in 2014 was made possible by Richard Morfill Parker, Daphne Reece, and Michael Hanks, surviving descendants of Professor & Mrs Morfill. The broken-off cross was set upright and cleaned, together with the surround. At first the restored grave (right) looked exactly as it must have done when it was new.

Restored in 2014/15: Grave of Professor Thomas Hill Green and his wife Charlotte Byron Green 
Thomas Hill Green

This headstone was lying flat (left) until it was set upright in 2014/15. The restoration work was funded by donations from the following individuals: David Boucher, James Connelly, Maria Dimova-Cookson, Margit Hurup Nielsen Grove, Medhat Khattar, Helen Loader, Peter Nicholson, James Pearce, Alice Prochaska, Avital Simhony, Peter Strong, Adam Swinbank, and Colin Tyler.

Restored in 2015: Grave of Charles Boase

Charles Boase

This gravestone was lying flat (left\0 until August 2015, when members of the Boase family and Exeter College paid to have set upright, cleaned, and the original black lettering renewed.

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